• Abdirash Akilbekov
  • Arseny Kiryakov
  • Alma Dauletbekova
  • Gulnara Aralbayeva
  • Aiman Akylbekova
  • Zhulduz Ospanova
A synthetic single crystal of magnesium-aluminate spinel was irradiated perpendicularly to the (111) plane with swift heavy xenon ions with an energy of 220 MeV. The modified layer was attested based on Raman scattering spectra recorded while focusing on the surface. A decrease in surface crystallinity was observed, reflected in the changes in fundamental optical characteristics such as the band gap and the energies of static and dynamic disorder. In this study, we demonstrate, along with the modification of optical characteristics and the formation of a disordered layer, the creation of new optically active centers. The luminescent properties of these centers were analyzed. The effect of temperature flare-up in the 3.4 eV band of the excitation spectrum was determined. The low sensitivity of Cr3+ luminescence to SHI is demonstrated. © 2024 by the authors.
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