• Afi Feda
  • Moyosore Adegboye
  • Oluwatayomi Adegboye
  • Ephraim Agyekum
  • Wulfran Fendzi Mbasso
  • Salah Kamel
The FOX algorithm is a recently developed metaheuristic approach inspired by the behavior of foxes in their natural habitat. While the FOX algorithm exhibits commendable performance, its basic version, in complex problem scenarios, may become trapped in local optima, failing to identify the optimal solution due to its weak exploitation capabilities. This research addresses a high-dimensional feature selection problem. In feature selection, the most informative features are retained while discarding irrelevant ones. An enhanced version of the FOX algorithm is proposed, aiming to mitigate its drawbacks in feature selection. The improved approach referred to as S-shaped Grey Wolf Optimizer-based FOX (FOX-GWO), which focuses on augmenting the local search capabilities of the FOX algorithm via the integration of GWO. Additionally, the introduction of an S-shaped transfer function enables the population to explore both binary options throughout the search process. Through a series of experiments on 18 datasets with varying dimensions, FOX-GWO outperforms in 83.33 % of datasets for average accuracy, 61.11 % for reduced feature dimensionality, and 72.22 % for average fitness value across the 18 datasets. Meaning it efficiently explores high-dimensional spaces. These findings highlight its practical value and potential to advance feature selection in complex data analysis, enhancing model prediction accuracy.
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