Electrical energy and gas fuel are two types of energy needed that increase environmental pollution by burning fossil fuels in power plants to produce electrical energy and direct combustion of gas fuel. In this research, an attempt has been made to model the electrical energy network in the presence of renewable energy sources and gas production systems. The advantage of this model compared to other models of similar studies can be found in providing a mixed integer linear optimization model of distributed generation sources with gas fuel, energy storage systems, and gas power systems, along with electric vehicles in an integrated electricity and gas system. In addition to the energy consumption of buildings, an electric vehicle is also considered a base load, which is one of the limitations in optimizing the maximum charging of an electric vehicle. Among the important results of this research, it can be mentioned that the investment cost of USD 879,340 in the first scenario, in which 37,374 kW of electric energy was purchased from the network to supply the electric load, and 556,233 m3 was purchased from the gas network to supply the required gas.
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