• Mohamed M. Atta
  • Mohamed Rabia
  • Amr M. Elbasiony
  • Eman O. Taha
  • Mostafa M. Abdel hamid
  • Ahmed M. A. Henaish
  • Qinfang Zhang
This study presents a green, novel, one-pot, and single-step method for synthesizing reduced graphene oxide/silver nanocomposites (RGO/Ags) with different Ag ratios using Roselle extract and 80kGy of γ-ray for symmetric supercapacitor applications. As a natural antioxidant, Roselle extract served as a scavenger of oxidative free radicals to inhibit the oxidation of graphene oxide/silver nitrate suspensions (GO/AgO3), which were undergoing radiolysis under γ irradiation. An additional sample of GO/AgO3 was irradiated with the same dose in the absence of Roselle for comparability. The efficient reduction of GO/AgO3 has been assessed by several analytical techniques, including XRD, FTIR, TEM, and Raman spectroscopy. The presence of Roselle hindered the formation of the AgO phase while concurrently promoting the construction of the Ag phase. Furthermore, using Roselle extract results in a more homogeneous dispersion of spherical silver nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide (RGO) sheets. Symmetric supercapacitor has been assembled from arbitrary samples amongst RGO/Ags, which showed good performance like low internal resistance and suitable specific capacitance (96 F/g at current density 0.2 A/g). The findings point to the merit of RGO/Ag nanocomposites prepared by the synergetic effect of γ-ray and Roselle extract as an efficient supercapacitor material.
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ЖурналFullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures
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