• L. Kalaivani
  • R. V. Maheswari
  • Emad Makki
  • Bharat Singh
  • Sanjay B. Warkad
  • Jayant Giri
  • B. Vigneshwaran
  • Alagar Karthick
  • Musaddak Maher Maher Abdul Zahra
  • Abhinav Kumar
  • Hitesh Panchal
As different pollutants are deposited on the high voltage bushings, a dry band forms, which causes a flashover. The bushing's contaminated layer will weaken its insulation and have an impact on its electrical characteristics. The performance of bushings in dry band conditions of various lengths was investigated in this proposed piece of work, and a dynamic arc model is presented for the arc process in polluted bushings. It shows satisfactory performance in modelling the arc variables for various dry band positions. The developed dynamic open model for contaminated bushings with and without RTV coating predicted the flashover voltage and dry band positions. Any type of contamination, such as sea salt, road salt, and industrial pollutants prevalent in several sites, can be studied using the established model. Ultimately, it was discovered that there was good agreement between the model's results and the outcomes of the experiments.
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