The concept of location is central to the study of Earth’s landscape through geography. However, no previous studies have dealt with the term “relocation,” derived from the former. The objective is a comparative analysis of the term in English and Russian. The paper explores it through quantitative and qualitative methods, the latter including etymological, lexicographic, semantic, derivational, corpus, discourse, and comparative ones. The sources of the material are etymological, explanatory, specialized dictionaries and Russian and English corpora. The study has found that in English, “relocation” started to be used in the eighteenth century (39,212 entries in the British Newspaper Archive since 1736; 48,898 entries in Chronicling America since 1794); at present, this polysemantic word is found in all available dictionaries; the scope of its meanings and use in modern English is diverse; it comprises politics, business, finance, law, and programming (5890 entries in British newspapers, 17,640 entries in American newspapers in the NOW Corpus). The Russian term was borrowed from Latin reloco through English “relocation”; it entered the language only in the twenty-first century in a basic meaning of moving from one place to another (53 entries in Russian National Corpus till 2021). The term is not registered in Russian dictionaries. Its use is restricted to scientific and media discourse, though since 2022 there has been a rapid development of new shades of meaning and more frequent use in blogs, chats, and forums. The research extends our knowledge of language borrowings, national discourses interaction, and historical and social influence on language.
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