The differential scanning calorimetry study showed that the double perovskite HoBaCo2O6-δ (HBC), depending on its oxygen content, undergoes three phase transitions in the temperature range 298–773 K. Their origin was tentatively explained using the relevant literature data. For the single-phase tetragonal HBC, the oxygen nonstoichiometry dependences on the oxygen partial pressure were investigated by thermogravimetric and flow reactor methods in the intermediate-temperature range of 573–773 K. The proposed defect structure of HBC was successfully verified using the obtained data on its oxygen nonstoichiometry combined with those reported earlier. As a result, the values of the thermodynamic parameters ((Formula presented.), (Formula presented.)) of the defect reactions proceeding in HBC were determined. The defect structure of HBC was shown to be similar to that of YBaCo2O6-δ (YBC) likely due to similar ionic radii of Ho3+ and Y3+.
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