In modern conditions, transport enterprises face acute issues of assessing the effectiveness of activities, as well as optimizing costs and searching for internal reserves of the organization in order to increase profits. The solution of such problems is possible due to introduction of logistical support for personnel management, which allows, in modern conditions, to ensure the stability of transport enterprises, success in relations with stakeholders, regulatory authorities, customers, and also contributes to the rapid growth of competitiveness. One of the important principles of personnel logistics is involvement of personnel, which determines the required quality of the product, high performance and maximizing the profit of the enterprise. To increase this indicator, the study offers a data sheet for a distance learning project for employees of transport enterprises. Such investments in human resources and development of human resources, based on a logistics approach, are becoming one of the most important factors in the competitiveness of transport enterprises in modern conditions, since well-trained personnel with a high level of motivation for quality work is of high importance. © 2023 Author(s).
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