Modern trends in global development have significantly pushed the boundaries of modern diplomacy, an area that should be an effective tool for global dialogue. This study is focused on the humanitarian sector of diplomacy. The main discussions about approaches to the concept of humanitarian diplomacy that arose against the background of the idea of “humanism 2.0,” about the spread of the practice of humanitarian negotiations, and about the creation of humanitarian spaces are considered. The main approaches of foreign and Russian researchers to the concepts of humanitarian diplomacy are examined. Then, the tools of humanitarian diplomacy are analyzed and the similarities and differences with traditional official diplomacy tools are highlighted. It is established that nonstate actors play an important political role in hymanitarian negotiations aimed at modern conflicts resolution. The role of the United Nations in creating a humanitarian partnership with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is acknowledged. Attention is also paid to the humanitarian diplomacy of states, and the diversity of national models is noted. The main motives that encourage states to participate in humanitarian diplomacy are studied, and the main directions are highlighted. It is shown that today humanitarian practice is acquiring a polymodal, complex character. It includes humanitarian aid, social policy, and economic assistance in the context of the paradigm of sustainable development. The use of diplomatic tools and, above all, negotiations have a positive impact on the effectiveness of humanitarian activities in armed conflicts and crisis situations.
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JournalHerald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2022

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