The article reconstructs for the first time on the basis of archival documents the history of education of military children in schools of Yekaterinburg, which was not previously the subject of research. The history of formation of military units in the territory of the mining and factory Urals, the policy of the supreme power, the Berg-Collegium, the Siberian Ober-Bergamt (1723-1734) and the Office of the Main Board of the Siberian and Kazan factories (since 1734) in relation to the children of military officials is revealed. It is shown that for the first time children of military officials began to be enrolled in schools from 1726, from 1735 - in a compulsory order, censuses of these children were conducted, searches for those who had left for other settlements, On the basis of the analysis of school student records the number of children of military officials in schools, their specific weight (more than 20-30% of students in verbal and arithmetic schools), transfer to schools of a higher level - German and sign (drawing) is established. Special attention is paid to the children of officers, who, receiving the basics of knowledge at home, were going to the schools of Yekaterinburg from all the factories. It is shown that since September 1742 children of lower military ranks received the priority right, along with orphans, children of retired officers to study in schools, receiving a government salary, children of craftsmen, who were previously the majority of students, could study only with the consent of their fathers, at their expense. Numerous petitions for the admission of children to schools allow us to speak of the positive attitude of parents and other relatives to the education of their children. The study of the decisions of the superiors on the assignment of pupils to cases leads to the conclusion that military children were used mainly in the interests of the mining and factory department: they were sent to be copyists, apprentices to surveyors, geodesists, physicians, were trained in mechanics, metal sampling and smelting. They began to be involved in military service only since 1743.
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JournalНаука. Общество. Оборона
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Publication statusPublished - 2024

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