FIELD: hydrometallurgy. SUBSTANCE: invention relates specifically to processing of polymetallic sulphide materials containing non-ferrous and precious metals. Polymetallic sulphide materials of non-ferrous metals are leached in a solution of nitric acid and nitrous gases are trapped. The leaching is carried out with catalysts, which are used as a pyrite concentrate and an aqueous solution of iron sulphate (III). The ratio of the total mass of pyrite and non-ferrous metal sulphides in polymetallic raw materials is (0.5-1):1, and the initial concentration of iron (III) ions in the leaching solution is 5-30 g/dm<sup>3</sup>. EFFECT: reduction of consumption of nitric acid and increase of extraction of non-ferrous metals into the solution. 2 cl, 2 dwg.
Translated title of the contributionMethod for Processing Polymetallic Sulphide Materials of Non-Ferrous Metals: patent of invention
Original languageRussian
Patent number2796344
IPCC22B 3/06
Priority date20/09/2022
Filing date20/09/2022
Publication statusPublished - 22 May 2023

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