The purpose of the work - study of the pulsed cathodoluminescence spectra and kinetics of feldspars, determination of features in the luminescent parameters of minerals of the same composition, depending on their deposits. Research methodology. The spectra and band kinetics of feldspar pulsed cathodoluminescence were recorded. The resulting spectra were decomposed into gaussoids in energy coordinates and the corresponding decomposition parameters were found. The kinetic curves obtained when the photomultiplier tube was operated in the “current mode” were deconvoluted to find the true dependence of the photocurrent on time. Based on the data obtained, a qualitative luminescent analysis was carried out. Results and their analysis. Three groups of feldspars were studied in this work. The first group consisted of samples of one-component feldspars (orthoclase, adularia, albite, anorthite), the second and third groups included two-component K-Na spars (microcline, amazonite, sanidine) and Ca-Na spars (oligoclase and labradorite), respectively. It is shown that different types of feldspars are characterized by their own set of luminescent impurities. They contain bands of both intrinsic (AlO44-, FeO44-) and impurity (Mn2+, Fe3+) luminescence, which have characteristic decay times. The study of feldspars of the same chemical composition from each group, depending on the deposit, revealed the difference in the position of the luminescence bands and their kinetics. Conclusions. The results of the work show the feasibility of using luminescent and kinetic measurements for nondestructive diagnostics of one-component feldspars (orthoclase, albite, anorthite), separation of alkali feldspars from plagioclases, as well as conducting luminescent statistical analysis to determine their deposits. In addition, this method can be effective at express diagnostics of “moonstone” jewelry inclusions with the identification of a certain feldspar.
Translated title of the contributionLUMINESCENT CHARACTERISTICS OF FELDSPARS
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)21-27
Number of pages7
JournalИзвестия Уральского государственного горного университета
Issue number3 (67)
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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