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UrFU Institute of Social and Political Sciences is comprised of five faculties: Faculty of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Linguistics and Professional Communication in Foreign Languages.

The Institute of Social and Political Sciences has an extensive network of research laboratories.

This network includes:

  • Laboratories established by the leading academic departments that bring together education and science. More detailed information on these labs can be obtained on the websites of the departments.
  • Ural Interregional Institute of Social Sciences (Ural center for advanced studies and education - UCASE). The center was established in 2001 and has formed part of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences as an independent research unit. Several dozens of regional and international conferences were organized by the Ural Interregional Institute of Social Sciences, as well 3 three-year long international research schools in political philosophy. Currently the Institute to a large extent sets the priority trends of social and political studies in the Ural region.
  • Laboratory for Comparative Studies in Toleration and Recognition (established with the support of UrFU Development Programme) is designed to be an international project. The Laboratory is headed by Professor Martin Van Gelderen, Director of Lichtenberg-Kolleg, University of Goettingen, Germany.

In 2013 the “expert forum” was established at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences for the approbation of the results of scientific research-annual international ISPS convent “Modernization and Multiple Modernities”.

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