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The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMCS ) is one of the leading organizations in Russia in the field of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and theoretical computer science. The key areas of research in the IMCS include extremal problems in the theory of functions and operators, stochastic differential-operator problems, ill-posed problems, numerical methods for functional differential equations, mathematical modeling in physiology and medicine, mathematical and computer modeling of complex fluids, structural and algorithmic problems for semigroups, groups, lattices and rings, finite automata, combinatorics of words, graph theory and machine learning.

The Institute has at its disposal a next-generation, high-performance IT equipment, as well as an access to the computing resources of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Many of the Institute’s PhD graduates find employment in the Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research laboratories of industrial corporations, and other science intensive businesses. Also, the graduates work successfully in high-tech industries, including some of the World’s largest computer companies such as Yandex, Google and Microsoft.

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