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The Faculty of International Relations is the main academic school training specialists in the spheres of international relations, area studies, oriental studies and linguistics in the Ural Region.  Students of the faculty have access to studying a wide range of foreign languages: Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arab, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

Students and graduates of the faculty work for diplomatic missions and international offices of major banks, enterprises and travel agencies. The range of career opportunities includes as well working as interpreters and managers in such companies as Renova, Enel S.p.A., General Electric, university lecturers, heads of transport and logistic companies.

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620083, Екатеринбург, ул. Тургенева, 4, ауд. 390
Russian Federation
  • Phone: +7 (343) 350-59-07

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