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Faculty of Education in the Humanities for Engineering and Technology Students is one of the leading centers of modern educational and scientific technologies in the sphere of humanities.  The Faculty trains qualified specialists for economics, social sphere and culture. Students of the Faculty study on Bachelor and Master programs such as “Design”, “Human Resources Management”, “Publishing business”, “Service”, “Applied Ethics” on both theoretical and practical levels. Students acquire skills necessary for conducting research  in these fields and applying their results  in practice.  

Investigations held by students and staff are being conducted in collaboration with Russian and foreign specialized scientific centers, leading specialists in corresponding subjects.

Graduate students have wide employment opportunities thanks to the practically-focused character and high quality of their education.

The Faculty has several interdisciplinary scientific and educational Centers, among them the scientific group “Open City: from traditional approach of investigation towards innovation projecting” and the Interuniversity Center for Research and Teaching of Cultural Studies.

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