• Govindhasamy Murugadoss
  • Nachimuthu Venkatesh
  • Jothiramalingam Rajabathar
  • Narthana Kandhasamy
  • Rajesh Kumar Manavalan
The surface modification of the TiO2 with selective narrow band gap of metal or metal sulfide is an attractive attention in recent years. Herein, tiny Ag2S nanoparticles are well anchored on the TiO2 surface by a cost-effective chemical precipitation method for efficient photocatalytic activity. The decoration of Ag2S nanoparticles is clearly identified through electron microscopy studies. The UV-Vis diffuse reflection spectra (DRS) revealed that TiO2/Ag2S composites absorbed broad spectrum in the visible region. The reduced band-gap of 2.41 eV by anchored the Ag2S on TiO2 may boosted the photocatalytic activity. Particularly, incorporation of Ag2S nanoparticles increased charge separation efficiency, lowering recombination, and improving photocatalytic performance. Because of their unique structural and optical properties, TiO2/Ag2S composites have increased photocatalytic activity. The photocatalytic performance of the pristine Ag2S and Ag2S anchored TiO2 are Crystal violet (CV) and Methyl orange (MO) dye molecules under same experimental condition. As expected, the TiO2/Ag2S showed highest photocatalytic degradation efficiency than alone TiO2.
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