The global changes taking place in society are also changing the approaches to the organization of the educational process, forcing teachers to find new educational tools capable of engaging students in active learning. The improvement of pedagogical practice is significantly influenced by gamification, which allows the use of game mechanics for this purpose. The present study is devoted to a systematic review of research on various issues of gamification of education. The authors conducted a literature review of sources selected from the web aggregator of scientific publications from 2018 to 2022 based on the keywords “education” and “gamification” found in titles, abstracts, and text. As a result of the clustering of articles conducted, the author’s six-item typology of the sample was proposed. The literature review revealed a large geography of the authors of the publications, including all continents of the world, as well as a positive attitude of all participants in the educational process to the use of gamification. The authors of the publications in the sample noted the increased motivation of students who became participants in the gamified educational process, but revealed the need to follow the individual characteristics of students’ learning behavior. The results of the study can be used to address the issue of applicability of gamepractices in the educational process at any level.
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