At present, diagnostics of the current technical condition of high-voltage power equipment in power systems have become more important. This allows the estimation of the real technical condition of power equipment more accurately with its removal into repair based on the results of the diagnostics. This paper presents the comparative analysis of expert evaluations with the use of the arithmetical mean and median values of expert evaluations. In this case, individual expert opinions, influenced by a level of competence, correspond to each other in a different manner, depending on the applied approach. As the comparison of the consistency of expert opinions is the basis for decision-making, it is recommended to make a decision on the technical condition using median estimations because these estimations are less subjected to distortions from single outliers of judgments. This provides more reliable information for making key decisions. Three approaches are considered in this paper: the method of arithmetical mean estimations, the method of median estimations based on the Kemeny median method, and the analytic hierarchy process of Saaty. The considered methods allow decisions on power equipment operation to be made very quickly; namely, if the power equipment is in an operable state and may remain operated, or it has considerable defects and should be removed from operation for routine maintenance, or it has reached the final technical state and needs to be removed from operation. © 2023 by the authors.
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