FIELD: dairy industry. SUBSTANCE: method of producing yogurt includes pasteurization of milk at 80–85°C for 5–10 minutes, cooling pasteurized milk to fermentation temperature 39–41°C, adding a multicomponent herbal additive 15.0 g/1,000 g of product, containing beet juice powder and dry extract of oat beta-glucan as prebiotic components and thickeners, as well as a flavoring component — dried basil in a ratio of 3:1:2, stirring, adding a starter in the form of a mixture of pure cultures of thermophilic streptococcus and Bulgarian bacillus 1.5 g/1,000 g of product, mixing the resulting milk mixture, pouring the fermented milk mixture into consumer containers, fermenting in a thermostatic chamber at 39–41°C until acidity reaches 75–80°C, cooling to 4–5°C. EFFECT: invention makes it possible to obtain yogurt characterized by increased nutritional value, to increase the quality of the product, as well as its organoleptic properties and shelf life. 1 cl, 4 dwg, 1 ex.
Translated title of the contributionMethod of Producing Yogurt with Multicomponent Herbal Additive: patent of invention
Original languageRussian
Patent number2811742
IPCA23C 9/123,A23C 9/13
Priority date12/01/2023
Filing date12/01/2023
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jan 2024

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